December 5

Host: SCSU and the Central Minnesota Robotics Hub

8:00–8:30 A.M.

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8:30 A.M. - 8:55 A.M.

Join the welcome session for networking and trivia.

9:00–9:30 A.M. CT

Welcome to JUMPSTART

Alex Jurek, Lead Coach FIRST® Mentor with 4607

Rick Ringeisen, Executive Director of the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association

Dr. Chuck Hentges, College of Science and Engineering, St Cloud State University

Matea Thomas, Knowledge Center at Medtronic

9:35–10:25 A.M.

Breakout Sessions

Java Programming

We will present on what Command Based Programming is. We will also explain why and how it's used during build season and talk about the levels of hierarchy and what they do. We will share some examples of our code to further enrich your learning and robot simulator.


AndyMark Drive Train Products

AndyMark is a Kit of Parts Supplier since 2004, supplying the Kit of Parts Chassis for 2020. AndyMark also supports FIRST Choice providing a choice of additional donated items to FIRST Robotics Competition Teams. Join this session to learn about AndyMark AM14U4 chassis.

Andy Baker

Developing a Successful Safety Program (Pt 1)

This session provides an overview on how to create/maintain a well-organized safety program along with tips and tricks for new and returning Safety Captains. UL Safety Award Winner (x4), Hardhat Safety Award (x5)

Sarah S (4607)

Building an effective FRC team

This session will discuss two inter-related activities to building an effective FRC team: defining a team's mission, vision and values, and team retreats.

Yoji Shimizu (1816), Ian M.(1816), Prudence R.(1816), Maisie M.(2177), Colibri L.(2177)

Onboarding New Recruits

Strategies to effectively integrate new members to increase engagement and retention of first team members.

Allison Kneisler (3538)

10:35–11:25 A.M.

Breakout Sessions


Pneumatics is an often underused actuation device that can be used on robots. There are many advantages to pneumatics over using motors.

Jake Lind (7068)

Manipulators Part 3

Looking deeper into the abyss of past FRC games, Mark Durand will showcase what manipulators have been used. (Focus on Field Element Manipulators)

Mark Durand (3023)

Developing a Successful Safety Program (Pt 2)

This session covers how to create and maintain a successful safety program based on policy construction, policy training, policy coaching, and policy enforcement. This will include policy tips and examples. UL Safety Award Winner (x2), Hardhat Safety Award (x4)

Sarah S (4607)


FIRST® is a robotics community that prepares young people for the future. A vital part of our strategic intent is to serve an inclusive and diverse audience, reflecting the population of the communities we serve—and even going beyond through targeted, new community outreach.

Char Provost (7068), Yoji Shimizu (FUM)

Critical Thinking

This session will focus on making good decisions. Of course, everyone always tries to make good decisions. But we all know that things do not always work out as we hoped, especially under constraints like those during FRC build season.

Presentation is linked below.

Shawn Kelley/Darrel Unterker (7068)

11:35–12:25 P.M.

Breakout Sessions

Learn How Setup FRC Control System

Learn the duct tape and WD40 for control systems of robot systems. Get your team on the right help before the season kicks off. Setting IP Address, loading firmware, setup motor controllers and RoboRIO.

Todd Kruse (7068)

Programming and Driving Your Robot Over the Internet

With limited or no access to their robot, students can learn it is possible to program and operate completely over the internet.

Click here for the Session Materials

Steve Siirila (2220)

Lime Light & The New Gloworm

Learn tips and tricks of integrating vision on your next robot. Introduction of the new Gloworm. What is that? Join this session and find out more.

Corey Applegate (3244)

Mentor Information

2021 Season Overview, including the virtual kit of parts, the awards, the online challenges. How to lead/run a team in the virtual sphere during Covid 19.

See Presentation below.

Laurie Shimizu (1816)

Robot Inspectors: Problem solving stories

While inspectors have to enforce the robot rules at competition, the better part of the job is helping teams solve problems and compete at their best. Join us to hear about some of the hardest and most interesting stories - and some common "gotcha's" - we've seen from some experienced LRI's!

Jon Stratis LRI (2177)

Critical Thinking Slideshow (Shawn Kelley)

Critical Thinking FIRST Jumpstart Shawn DEC2020_rev3.pptx

Mentor Information Slideshow (Laurie Shimizu)

Jumpstart PDF Mentor Information Dec 5 2020.pdf