December 4, 2021

Join us in person or join our JUMPSTART Robotics Live Stream Broadcast starting at 9:30AM.

Live Streaming AndyMark and REV Robotics Sessions

Questions about Jumpstart SCSU, please email us at jumpstartrobotics@gmail.com

Special Announcement:

We are excited to announce that this year we have two special guest from two FIRST FRC vendors presenting in person!

Join us in welcoming AndyMark. Owner Andy Baker will be presenting new products and other insights in preparation for the 2022 season. Thanks Andy for continuous supporting our JUMPSTART Initiative to bring the best to FRC teams preparing for their success.

Also, welcome REV Robotics! Greg Needel President of REV Robotics will be presenting new FRC products for the 2022 season. Come see this presentation and join the Q & A session following presentation.

2021JUMPSTART Sessions

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Critical Thinking Slideshow (Shawn Kelley)

Critical Thinking FIRST Jumpstart Shawn DEC2020_rev3.pptx

Mentor Information Slideshow (Laurie Shimizu)

Jumpstart PDF Mentor Information Dec 5 2020.pdf