Jumpstart for Mentors

Reset, Reconnect and Reinvent!

Come and rebuild your network!

Thanks for those who attend this event on October 2, 2021 for a chance to reconnect with other mentors and rebuild your network among the FIRST Community! We started the day at 8:30AM with coffee and other refreshments. The scheduled started with a welcome by Delta ModTech's own Todd Kruse. You may know Todd from his work mentoring multiple FRC teams including 3840, 7068, and most recently - 8516!

The day included sessions presented by Wendy Stromberg (Delta ModTech), Laurie Shimizu (1816), Alex Jurek (4607), and the aforementioned Todd Kruse. These sessions were designed to aid and retool mentors and coaches alike to tackle the obstacles of an FRC season with special attention to this upcoming season. We are well aware that many - if not all - of our teams will be young, green, and lacking experience. We hope to see all of you next year for another JUMPSTART for Mentors event! Please visit our YouTube channel to view videos of the sessions to see what it was all about.


8:30-9:00AM - Mixer/Networking


Welcome - Todd Kruse


Culture, Team Building

Wendy Stromberg

Effective Mentoring

Todd Kruse


Resetting Culture (and maybe SWOT Training)

Video (Coming Soon)

Alex Jurek

Tour 11:40

Lunch 12:00 Catered by Acapulco (Ramsey)

12:40PM - 1:30PM

Mentoring Onboarding

Laurie Shimizu

1:40PM - 2:30PM


Yoji Shimizu

Open Discussion on challenges and team concerns

2:30PM - 3:00PM

8445 Bunker Lake Blvd, Ramsey, MN 55303

From our founding in 1978 as a service provider for servo systems and motion control in the machine tool industry, to today’s technology of full production Delta ModTech converting and packaging lines, Delta ModTech has successfully pursued excellence in the design, implementation, and service of motion-controlled converting and packaging systems.

Other Resources that were mentioned during the day:

The Compass Alliance