October 30th, 2021 Sessions coming soon. Check back in September for details.

Thanks Medtronic for sponsoring these JUMPSTART'S! If you missed our 2020 event or want to see sessions you didn't get to attend? Visit our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxA7AC8ym4s&list=PLiyRMfNml_fMyvU9KkgS_0Qi67Xy3qOH4

Host: Medtronic

Thanks to Medtronic for sponsoring this event. Thank you for all the presenters and special thank you to all those that attended. Below under schedule we will be posting the YouTube links to all the sessions soon.


Join Welcome and Keynote Presentations from Medtronic and Dean Kamen(opens new window)

Both keynote sessions will offer time for student engagement through a questions and answer session.

8:30–9:00 A.M. CT

Welcome to Jumpstart

Char Provost, Knowledge Center Sr. Director, Medtronic & FIRST® Mentor

Join the welcome session for networking and trivia.

9:00–9:30 A.M. CT

Technology at Medtronic –From Halloween to Patient Outcomes

Mike Hess, VP Medtronic Corporate Technology and Innovation

Students will learn about Medtronic’s approach to innovation and developing technology, products and therapies, and roles for the future.

9:30–10:00 A.M. CT

Harnessing Technology Opportunities in Challenging Times

Dean Kamen, Founder of FIRST®, Inventor and Entrepreneur

Students will learn about embracing real world challenges now, engaging in the new Global Innovation Challenges, and how adapting to changes is important to persevere in technology.


Round 1 Breakout Sessions

Robot Builder(opens new window)

Learn how to use the Robot Builder tool to create a command based robot code platform. Shown with Java but applicable to C++ and Java.

Corey Applegate (3244)

Manipulators Part 1(opens new window)

Drive trains are always the main concern of a robotics team. However, too many robotics teams don't look deep enough on what manipulators have been used in the past games. (Session will focus on Game Piece Manipulators)

Mark Durand (3023)

Brainstorming and Initial Design(opens new window)

Working as a team to come up with an initial design concept. Listening to all team members and then boiling down to one design. Where to get ideas, whether or not to use CAD, thinking "inside the box", and team goals. Also review the Think/Do ratio principle.

Dean Diers (7068)

FIRST® Hall of Fame Virtual Chairman's Chat(opens new window)

Please join 2019 FIRST® Championship Award winners, FRC Team 1816, "The Green Machine" and FRC Team 1902, "Exploding Bacon", along with representatives from Hall of Fame teams FRC 1114, "Simbiotics" and FRC 3132, "Thunder Down Under", who will provide Executive Summaries and tips for presentations and video production."

Teams 1816, 1902, 1114, 3132

Safety Plan for Team Meetings During COVID-19(opens new window)

This session will focus on applying robotics safety principles through a short presentation, demonstrations and audience participation. The goal is to help other teams develop a safety plan for their team meetings. We will review the goals of a FIRST® Robotics safety program, discuss how to develop a safety program for your team during the pandemic, and tell you what supplies, equipment and documentation is important.

Team 2220


Round 2 Breakout Sessions

LabView(opens new window)

Learn LabView 101 basics. How do I start? What are tricks and tips of programming?

Brandon Moe (MN CSA)

FRC Robot Control System Overview(opens new window)

Learn about the basics of the FRC Robot Control system and components. Rookies / new students and mentors bring your control system questions. Which language? Which programming methodology?

Todd Kruse (7068)

Business Plans(opens new window)

Learn about using the business plan as a tool for building future team success and winning the Entrepreneurship Award.

Team 2239

Team Decision Making(opens new window)

How does your team make decisions? How do unconscious assumptions or biases that come from our culture impact the FRC student experience? This session will explore the team decision making process, and we will discuss ways in which to minimize the negative impact of these biases.

Yoji Shimizu (1816)

Mentor Round Table(opens new window)

Join other mentors and coaches for a discussion to learn what other robotics clubs are doing.

Alex Jurek (4607)