December 3, 2022

Thanks for attending our Jumpstart event.

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Huge Thanks to AndyMark and Rev Robotics

We are excited the continued support from two FIRST FRC vendors presenting at our December Jumpstart.

AndyMark, owner Andy Baker presented new products and other insights in preparation for the 2023 season.

REV Robotics! Greg Needel President of REV Robotics presenting new FRC products from REV ION and REV DUO for the 2023 season. Rev announce new MAX 90 Degree Throughbore Gearbox during his presentation. Please check Rev's website for more details. https://www.revrobotics.com/ion/new-products/

Thanks Andy and Greg for your continuous support of our JUMPSTART Initiative to bring the best to FRC teams preparing for their success.

Below is FIRST WPI Beta testing 2023 software presentation.

2022 - 2023 Software.pdf
2022 JUMPSTART Sessions